Investing In Our Future


  • We equipped our First Responders with new police cars and fire trucks.

  • We provided competitive wages for first responders.

  • We provided our citizens with fully functional and reliable equipment in the instance that you ever need to call 9-1-1.


  • Since July 1, 2019, we’ve taken control of our budget.

  • We cut out corruption.

  • We built a healthy fund balance.

  • We made historic investments in infrastructure and quality of life.

Senior Center

  • We established Jackson’s first Commission on Aging.

  • We met with local partners, including the Downtown Lion’s Club, to build an exercise program for Seniors.

  • We broke ground on Jackson’s first Senior Citizen’s Center.

Homeless Shelter

  • At the height of the pandemic we were faced with decisions we never imagined.

  • We closed our civic center to the public to welcome the homeless community into a safe, warm environment, We fed them, provided essentials, and gave them a place to rest.
  • In October 2022, we cleared the land on Jackson’s first men’s Homeless Shelter.

Jackson Animal Care Center

  • We made progress toward the new facility and furthered grant funding options by becoming a state-certified animal control agency.

  • We improved staffing and operations by hiring the right staff.

  • We improved staffing and operations by hiring the right staff.


  • We’ve partnered with the county and school system to build new schools including the New Madison Academic building next to the University of Memphis Lambuth College and the new Pope Elementary School.

Mayor’s Youth Council

  • The Mayor’s Youth Council was launched in March 2020 with the primary goal of encouraging more civic engagement among our youth in Jackson.

  • The Mayor’s Youth Council partnered with Keep Jackson Beautiful to give groups the opportunity to pick up litter in exchange for money.

Financial Empowerment

  • We launched the Office of Financial Empowerment which seeks to establish financial empowerment as a citywide priority, with financial empowerment strategies embedded into all policies, programs, practices, and procedures.

  • We envision a Jackson where all residents have equal access to credible financial services and opportunities.

  • We envision a Jackson where individual financial empowerment leads to economic growth and sustainability for the city as a whole.


  • We established the Anti-Poverty Task Force that started identifying economic obstacles, and confirmed that transportation is consistently a barrier to success.

  • We partnered with Jackson Transit Authority to create a mobile app that allows users to track buses, get real time location of your vehicle, view and favorites tops and get estimated arrival times.


  • We established the Mayor’s Public Art Initiative in the fall of 2019, with the installation of the Love Your Neighborhood Mural at the junction of North Highland Avenue and College Street and the Unity Mural at the corner of Liberty and Main Street in downtown Jackson.

  • The Mayor’s Public Art Initiative seeks to exponentially grow the number of public art installations, including murals, sculptures, and other mediums, across Jackson, and engage more artists, both established and emerging, in the work of creative place-making.


  • We have already begun the planning process to completely redesign Muse Park – to fully utilize all 111 acres and will soon start construction on the South Greenway that will link Bemis to downtown Jackson.

  • We will continue our historic investments in street resurfacing, and we will start making significant investments in walkability, so people feel connected.
  • New playground equipment has been installed at Stella Duncan (Bemis), Conger and Muse Parks.

  • We are finalizing contracts for new playgrounds at Malesus and Wallace Road Parks.

  • We are installing wheelchair swings at Centennial, Malesus and Conger Parks.

Help us build a better tomorrow

through transparency, efficiency and inclusion in local government.

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