Since July 1, 2019 in the City of Jackson, we’ve taken control of our budget, and cut out corruption. We’ve built a healthy fund balance. We’ve made historic investments in infrastructure and quality of life. We’ve launched our Office of Financial Empowerment. We established a Commission on Aging and Mayor’s Youth Council. Both are making huge impacts in our city. We’ve partnered with the county and school system to build new schools. We’ve equipped our fire and police departments with vehicles and equipment that isn’t falling apart. We’ve invested in our employees. We’ve upgraded our processes to make it easier to do business with the City. We’ve done all of this while coming in under budget and paying down our debt.

We’ve seen what can happen when people have a voice and feel heard. We are seeing a Jackson that is drawing people back in, because we are opening the door for people to have their talents recognized. We are seeing what can happen when we promote creativity, accept individual differences and rise above geographical divides to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to succeed. The success we’re seeing is because we’re bringing more people to the table to be involved in the decision making process. We’re seeing what happens when leaders put aside party affiliations, political differences and personal agendas to do what’s best for everyone. We still have a long way to go, but every long journey begins with the first steps – and those first steps have been taken.

We are taking control of our collective futures, but the work is just beginning. Here’s what we have lined up for this year: We will break ground on two very important projects – Jackson’s first Senior Citizens Center and a Men’s Homeless Shelter. We will complete our Animal Care Center. We will begin the planning process to completely redesign Muse Park – to fully utilize all 111 acres. We will start construction on the South Greenway that will link Bemis to Downtown.

We will continue our historic investments in street resurfacing, and we will start making significant investments in walkability, so people feel connected.

We can’t stop there. Now isn’t the time for congratulations. Now isn’t the time to say, “good enough.” Now is the time for us to dream big for Jackson. Now is the time to do the things we used to think were impossible in Jackson, because we know nothing is impossible when we work together. Now is the time to let the past be the past, and for all of us to look to the future – a future we can all take an active role in shaping. Now is the time for us to make Jackson what it will be for the next 200 years.

It has been the honor of my professional life to serve as your mayor. I’m reminded every day that when we work together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

I am asking for your support to continue the great work we have started. Together, let’s show the world what Jackson, TN is about!

Meet Scott

Scott is a fifth generation Jacksonian and is proud to carry on his grandfather’s legacy of making Jackson a better place as the 35th mayor of the City of Jackson.

Scott and his wife Nikki have two children, Madelynn and Charlie.

Before Scott became mayor, he was able to make a significant impact on the non-profit sectors of West Tennessee by serving as the President and CEO of United Way.

He received his undergraduate degree from Lane College and his MBA from Bethel University.

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What Scott Stands For

I envision a Jackson, TN that is transparent and accountable to the taxpayers in our finances and our communications.

I envision a Jackson, TN that provides the most efficient and highest quality municipal services possible.

I envision a Jackson, TN that celebrates our city’s rich diversity and prioritizes inclusivity.

Help us build a better tomorrow

through transparency, efficiency and inclusion in local government.

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