I believe our city government must be accountable and transparent.  Technology provides several ways for our city to be more accountable, and numerous ways for citizens to interact with their elected officials.   Not every citizen will want to go to city hall or watch a city council meeting.  I want to bring the city government to the people.  I will commit to hosting a town hall meeting every quarter of every year that I am in office.  Each town hall will be in a different area of our city.  I will also commit to launching a website that lists our data and our goals.  At the end of the day, it is about results.  I want to be completely transparent about the goals I set for the city, and I will make the data available to show where we are in the process.  I also want to work on establishing a culture in city government that focuses on customer service.  The most frustrating aspect of government is figuring out how to navigate it.  I will implement a process that measures our response times and satisfaction with the service.

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