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Better Schools

Better schools is more than just a political catchphrase because it is a very important issue to me and our city.  I graduated high school and college in Jackson.  The bedrocks of communities are their schools.   I want to be a partner in education with the school board and our superintendent to improve our educational system even more.  I want to work with other leaders to ensure our kids and grand kids receive the level of education that makes families from across West Tennessee want to send their kids to our schools.  The effect of this will cause Jackson to grow as more families move to our wonderful city.  As more students receive excellent educations, they will be more prepared for higher education or vocational programs.  All of this happens with the goal in mind of keeping our kids and families invested in our communities.  We must all do what we can to keep our students invested in our communities, so when they finish their education, they want to remain in our city to raise their families.

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